Learn about React Native Camera, a component for React Native that allows you to easily utilize a device’s camera in your mobile apps.

Working with the camera, QR scanning, and text recognition is a complex issue for React Native apps. It’s a ton of work that requires the manipulation of a camera in native development. If you have trouble with cross-platform mobile development in React Native when you work with the camera, React Native Camera is exactly what you need.

Today I am back to talk about how we can easily handle utilizing a phone camera with React Native. Let me introduce you to React Native Camera.

In this article, I will demonstrate React Native Camera by developing a QR code scanner app. The app will enable us to scan a QR code in real time and display its contents on the screen through the app.

What is React Native Camera?

React Native Camera is a comprehensive camera component in React Native. It gives you control of the camera and communicates with the native OS and device hardware.

React Native Camera supports the following:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Face detection
  • Barcode scanning
  • Text recognition

It’s a completely open-source project, and pull requests are always welcome. It also comes with great documentation.

It has 9.2k stars on GitHub and 175k user downloads per month on npm.

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Intro to React Native Camera
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