Comprehensive Python Beautiful Soup Web Scraping Tutorial! (find/find_all, css select, scrape table)

In this video we walk through web scraping in Python using the beautiful soup library. We start with a brief introduction to HTML & CSS and discuss what web scraping is. Next we start getting into the basics of the beautiful soup library. This includes how to load a webpage, the basic commands you need to know such as find & find_all, grabbing strings from an HTML elements, etc. The final section of this tutorial is a series of exercises where you can practice your skills. In this section we scrape a webpage for links, we learn how to scrape a table and load it into a pandas dataframe, and we see how you can scrape & download a web image. Hope you enjoy!

I’m looking into making future videos on more complex things you can do with web scraping as well as other libraries that are helpful such as Selenium & ScraPy. Subscribe to not miss those.

Video timeline!
0:00 - Intro & Video Overview
1:09 - What is web scraping?
3:51 - Introduction to HTML

Using the beautiful soup library (5:29)
6:31 - Loading in a webpage (requests library)
8:21 - Starting to scrape
9:18 - find & find_all methods
16:00 - Finding specific text/strings in our HTML (regex)
18:38 - Select method (CSS path selections)
25:55 - Grabbing the string/text from an HTML element
28:17 - Getting a property of HTML element (href, src, id, class, etc)
29:41 - Code navigation (parents, children, siblings)

Let’s practice our skills! (33:57)
35:53 - Exercise #1: Grab all social links on webpage in 3 different ways
42:09 - Exercise #2: Scrape an HTML table into a Pandas Dataframe
53:09 - Exercise #3: Grab all fun facts that contain the word “is”
57:59 - Exercise #4: Use beautiful soup to help download an image from a webpage
1:04:20 - Exercise #5: Solve the mystery challenge!!!

Resources used in this video

Simple webpage: 
Example webpage: 
Link to source code: 

Beautiful Soup Documentation: 
CSS Selector Reference: 

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Comprehensive Python Beautiful Soup Web Scraping Tutorial!
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