Welcome! Today we will learn about uploading image to AWS S3 made simple

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Lets start by seeing our end goal

Image for post

What happens?

  • When we click on select image button, we are shown options to pick image from Camera or Gallery
  • If user clicks on camera or _gallery, _then we ask for appropriate permission.
  • If user denies permission and we cannot show the _built-in _permission dialog, then we show a custom dialog to open app setting and give permission.
  • In android- If user selects don’t ask again and denies, then we cannot show the built-in permission dialog but in order to provide a good UX, we will allow users to open app settings directly from app.
  • **In IOS- **If you don’t allow permission the first time, then we cannot show the _built-in _permission dialog so we show option to open app settings.

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How to Upload image to AWS S3 made simple - Flutter
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