In this video we are going to make an introduction to our React.js Testing Tutorial series! I’ll show tweets and blogs from known people in our area to see what they think about testing nowadays :)

I’ll answer the most common questions beginners have before they create their first tests.

We will also talk about the pyramid of testing and some changing concepts in the last decade regarding unit testing vs integration testing vs end to end testing.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:52 Testing Strategies
  • 01:00 End to End (E2E) explanation
  • 01:35 Integration explanation (short)
  • 01:43 What is a unit in unit testing?
  • 02:01 Kent C Dodds take on unit vs integation vs e2e
  • 02:43 Real world example of how different teams can have different abrastraction levels regarding testing strategies
  • 04:52 What is mocking? Why is it useful?
  • 05:58 When and why should I test something?
  • 08:00 Pyramid of testing
  • 08:59 Guillermo Rauch Tweet
  • 09:24 Dan Abramov Tweet
  • 09:51 Kent C Dodds Tweet
  • 10:00 My life example where I suffered with bad tests =D

#testing #react

Introduction to Testing: Concepts for Beginners - React.js Testing Tutorial #1
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