This tutorial explains how to create a search filter in Ionic 5 Angular application, and we can search and filter data list using the Ionic 5 search filter.

Showing a data or records list is a usual practice for web developers. In this tutorial, we will see how to implement the search and list filtering feature in an Ionic 5 mobile application. Also, we will build an Ionic app on the Angular platform to amplify the Ionic 5 search performance.

In the previous tutorial, we talked about  creating a search filter in Angular. You must check out this tutorial if you are an Angular lover.

To smoothen our work, we are using a third-party plugin ng2-search-filter. This plugin comes with robust features and offers a filter pipe which can be associated with Angular’s *ngFor directive to add the search filter functionality.

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How to Build List Filtering and Searching in Ionic 5
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