Go is an open source programming language with built-in concurrency that is easy to learn and get started with. Join to learn how the Go extension for VS Code helps you easily develop Go projects, by providing features like IntelliSense, code navigation, symbol search, testing, and debugging.

Download the Go extension for VS Code: https://aka.ms/vscodelive/go
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  • 0:00 About to start
  • 0:12 Welcome remarks
  • 1:30 Go and how it works on VS Code
  • 3:52 Demo: using Go in VS Code
  • 11:38 Demo: testing and debugging your Go code
  • 22:38 More resources
  • 24:24 Q&A
  • 28:25 Wrapping up

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Go: Writing and Debugging Fast, Reliable and Efficient Software
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