Send raw EML files on Deno


A testing tool for sending raw eml files.


deno run --allow-read --allow-net sendeml.ts <setting_file> ...

Setting File (JSON format)

    "smtpHost": "",
    "smtpPort": 25,
    "fromAddress": "",
    "toAddresses": [
    "emlFiles": [
    "updateDate": true,
    "updateMessageId": true,
    "useParallel": false


  • updateDate (default: true)

    • Replace “Date:” line with the current date and time.
  • updateMessageId (default: true)

    • Replace “Message-ID:” line with a new random string ID.
  • useParallel (default: false)

    • Enable parallel processing for eml files.

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Author: ykon

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#deno #node #nodejs #javascript

Send raw EML files on Deno
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