The appearance of Node.js become the new era for JavaScript by the reason of having the opportunity to synchronize frontend and backend. All JavaScript programs with help of Node.js can be executed on the server. It is well-known that Node.js is part of MERN and MEAN and it is a stacks technology made with JavaScript. So, we can tell about its high potential.

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The goal of this article is to present to you the best admin templates built with Node.js and React.js, which are both in MERN stack. Speaking of Node.js we need to mention also NPM, which is an extensive package base for source modules and ready-made packages. NPM has regular support from the community of Node.JS and it encourages users to add new packages. This is the reason why you can find solutions to all issues.

Nevertheless, Node.js has its own disadvantages. By its nature it is single-threaded, so processing a heavy-computation request, Node.js blocks the other ones and it leads to the overall delay. And this is its major weakness.

According to statistical research, it is not a great amount of JavaScript backend developers with much experience. So, if you have a lack of time, you can always pay attention to some ready-made solutions.

Let’s highlight the main reasons why Node.js can be useful in the process of development.

Firstly, if your project needs to process multiple requests with less CPU usage, Node.js may be your friend. Especially it is good, if your app is in need of regular data updates due to the fact, that Node.js is event-based. Node.js is based on Chrome v8, which is the reason why it has such a fast speed. Google constantly invests in v8, so Node.js is always up-to-date. This framework doesn’t weight much, so it will be a solution for microservice architectures with the use of modules. Node.js allows you to use chunks of code again if you need to share it with someone.

Secondly, we need to mention, that Node.js is not a platform to rule the world of web development, instead, it was created to fell a specific need. This is the crucial point in describing Node.js. It will not help you if your app requires processing CPU-intensive requests. Moreover, using it for this purpose will cancel its pros. However, if you feel the necessity of building a fast network app, Node.js will suit you well. Its ability to handle a great number of connections at the same time with high throughput.

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Top 7+ Node.js React Templates and Themes for Your Admin Panel
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