Sign In Using Firebase In Android Studio - Android Application Development Tutorial

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NOTE :This project doen’t contain google-services.json file. Please download your updated google-services.json file obtained from firebase and add/update it inside app folder under your project folder.


  1. Authenticate Using Google Sign-In on Android -

  2. Firebase Console -

This tutorial explains “How to Sign In Using Google In An Android App With Firebase Authentication”

Firebase Auth supports authentication of user using Username and Password, phone numbers and sign in using Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. Learn How To Use Firebase Auth with Google SignIn In Android App.

In this tutorial, we have used Firebase sign in method and used Firebase Auth to grant privilege to user to sign in and sign out.

Add Firebase to your Android project -

Sign In / Login in Android App using Android Studio with firebase -

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Login With Google In Android App Using Firebase | Google Firebase Sign In Android Studio
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