This video shows how to spread data using the pivot function in the pandas library for Python, which allows you transform data in a “long” format into data in a “wide” format. Manipulating data with gather and spread operations (also known as melt and pivot) is a common data preprocessing task.

Code used in this Python Code Clip:

import pandas as pd

data = pd.DataFrame({“character”: [“Goku”,“Vegeta”, “Nappa”,“Gohan”,“Piccolo”],
“uniform color”: [“orange”, “blue”, “black”, “orange”, “purple”],
“saiyan”: [12000, 16000, 4000, 1500, 3000],
“frieza”: [150000000, 3000000, 4000, 75000, 1200000],
“cell”: [1000000000, 1000000000, 4000, 2000000000, 300000000],
“buu”: [4000000000, 2500000000, 4000, 5000000000, 500000000]})

Put data into a long format
data = data.melt(id_vars = [“character”, “uniform color”],
value_vars = [“saiyan”,“frieza”,“cell”,“buu”],
var_name = “saga”,
value_name = “power level”)


Spread a key column and its associated values with df.pivot()

data = data.pivot(index=[“character”, “uniform color”], # Columns that will not change
columns=“saga”, # Column holding new column names/categories
values=“power level”) # Name of value column to spread


Remove the multi-index
data = data.reset_index() = None


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How to Spread Columns in Pandas (Python)
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