Computer vision is a science of teaching computers to see. With the state of the art algorithms, this technology is behind many applications like  self-driving cars,  image recognition, medical diagnosis etc. The best part of computer vision is these techniques are used for detecting cancerous cells which helps in saving lives by adding filters to your face to entertain you. Similarly, it has a wide variety of interesting and useful applications. In this article, we will do hands-on implementation on how to create a virtual painting app without touching the keyboard, and just by drawing on-air that will be displayed on the screen.

Steps for this implementation:-

  1. Importing libraries, assigning BGR values for color.
  2. Creating a window that provides various options.
  3. Capturing a video using a webcam and grabbing frames.
  4. Using different  morphing techniques
  5. Displaying output

So, now let’s begin with this interesting implementation.

#drawing using opencv #paint app #python #opencv

How to Create a Virtual Painting App using OpenCV
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