Robotic process automation is a trade process automation technology. RPA automates structured, repeatable, and rules-based processes such as creating accounts or inputting invoice data into third-party software.

RPA is more complicated than macros and it can communicate with many applications at the same time. RPA tool has a drag and drop interface that does not require programming skills to create any process for the workflow. To learn more, get into RPA Online Training and enhance your skills.

1.RPA receives an email with a patterned excel statement request form.

2.It has planning software for robot logs

3.Input is from SAP and the data are extracted from excel.

4 Creates a statement in SAP and transfers it to the requester.

5.The robot sends a validation email, showing that the statement has been generated and sent.

The Skills Required

Strategic Planning skill
Strong Analytical Skill
Problem Solving
Understanding Programming

Strategic Planning

Planning is essential for this function to be effective. Setting your RPA project design goals or initiatives and mapping workflow would make it easier to execute.

Strong Analytical Skill

A method must be analyzable and suggestions for change must be given. The opportunity to optimize workflows is a major advantage of implementing RPA, which means you have a responsibility as an RPA creator for handling the technology

Problem Solving Skill

The automation will not be smooth. Errors occur, and bugs will appear. We have already stated that the testing and bug fixes will be carried out. The technique to debug a robot is useful to save time and stress while dealing with any emerging crisis.

Understanding Programming

You must have knowledge and experience in C/C++, Python, Ruby, and Java programming languages.

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  The Skills Required for an RPA Developer
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