The continued expansion of cloud technology demands businesses to migrate to the cloud and adopt various services. The IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing research shows that at least one application in the cloud is present for 70% of companies. 56% are strategizing cloud hosting of their IT operations.

Those of us working or studying in this sphere of technology will naturally gravitate towards the people that can expound the wisdom necessary for us to know. They keep us informed, updated, and alert, and so we follow them on various platforms. It’s important to follow these individuals so that you remain in the loop and always find yourself learning things that you were unaware of. These thought leaders and influencers can only be the avenues by which you meet other interesting technologists.

This article looks to open the doors to the right people that can keep you aware of all the ongoing events in the cloud sphere. Whether you are a student or an organizational body, there is much to learn and be aware of so that you can pursue your cloud venture wisely

Before making a list of cloud computing thought leaders, it is good to know the benchmark used for this listing. This selection includes cloud influencers from both the technology and business sectors who have exhibited their skills to improve their company’s growth in cloud business as well as to grow their personal brand. The listed influencers are arranged in no particular order.

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20 Cloud Influencers You Should Be Following
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