Hi all, today I am sharing my experience on CORS issues and how to handle them in a client-side angular app. Before starting this topic I will give you all a brief knowledge about CORS and how CORS is used for managing external resources.

What do you mean by CORS?

CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It is a mechanism that is used to bypass the same-origin policy so that resources from one origin can access resources from another origin in a secure manner.

How does CORS manage requests from an external domain?

CORS manages request from the external domain by using a set of newly created HTTP headers which are as follows -










Why do we get CORS issue or rather say why does CORS issue occurs?

CORS issue occurs in web application if your backend server (your service) is running on a different domain and it is not configured properly.

Note: Even if your backend server is running on a localhost with a different port it is treated as a different domain.

So CORS issues may occur while developing an angular application.

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Do You Know How to Resolve CORS Issues in Angular ?
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