In this article, we are going to build React Native application with an integrated firebase In addition, we also establish email authentication with firebase. We all hear about the smoothness of react native application so, let’s try to combine flexibility with firebase.

How to build React Native application integrated with Firebase Authentication.

**Steps to Follow: **

  • First, need to Create React Native Application.

  • We need to install the required dependencies for Navigation.

Moreover, need stack navigation that navigates in different screens. After that next step is to install the React Native Firebase authentication library for the implementation of authentication with firebase in react app.

**How To set up Firebase Project **

Firstly, we need to develop the Firebase project by visiting the official firebase website after visiting the website need to click on get started after that we can create a new project the next step is to redirect to the dashboard to use the authentication service.

**Steps to follow set up authentication for email/password : **

  • Give a click on the authentication side menu
  • Choose sign-in method
  • Choose password and email
  • Authorize Email and Password Authentication by making use of toggling button.
  • Provide support Mail
  • Save

The implementation of the above steps in the proper way will lead you to the configuration of the application with firebase moreover, to look out the code of the above-mentioned points read one informative blog on react native firebase auth and you will get the answer to all your queries.

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React Native + Firebase Auth to Set-up Email Authentication
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