You noticed a button in your app is in the wrong color. You fix it and merge the code to your production branch. Congratulations! now it’s time for your code to meet your users. In a mobile app that means you just entered a few days (at least) of a build-test-fix cycle, and if that’s not enough you now have to wait for the store review of your new version. That means you wait for a week, if everything went smoothly, just for a small UI fix. That’s the nightmare of CI/CD on mobile apps. In Soluto we developed Dynamico. An OTA javascript code delivery framework that allows you to load React components dynamically. Come and learn how you can start using it to safely move faster!

Elad Bezalel is a fullstack developer with a very strong love for design. Since 8 years old, he’s been designing in Photoshop and later on fell in love with programming. This strong bond between design and computer programming gave birth to a new kind of love. And he is currently doing the combination of both focused on implementing immersive UI and UX.

Elad Aviv is a fullstack developer, who traveled a long way from native iOS development through the dark times of the web into this new era of JS based native apps. Currently working at Soluto on developing new methodologies and tools for a better front end feature development experience

#react #react native #programming

Elad Bezalel + Elad Aviv - Web Delivery Experience for React Native
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