In this live stream, I want to cover EVERYTHING it takes to become a great backend developer. Few topics on my agenda:

  1. What is backend development truly?
  2. How can you become backend developer from scratch?
  3. What is cloud? How to start working with popular cloud providers?
  4. Choosing an ideal tech stack for backend development?
  5. Tools you should absolutely know about in this space - Next.js, Gatsby, etc. and their importance
  6. How to approach backend development learning in the best possible way
  7. Scaling - and should you worry about it?
  8. Hype about serverless - and why it is the future
  9. AWS vs DO vs GCP vs Azure vs … - What’s right for you?
  10. And much more!

#node #javascript #developer #docker

How to Become a Great Backend Developer
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