This Simplilearn video is based on The Sorting Algorithms Full Course. This tutorial mainly focuses on all the major Sorting Algorithms In Data Structures Explained with detailed theory and practical examples for providing a better learning experience.

This video covers the following Sorting Algorithms in Data Structures

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:18 bubble sort algorithm
00:14:05 binary search algorithm
00:47:55 BFS algorithm
00:53:02 DFS algorithm
00:56:19 linear search algorithm
01:04:56 bucket sort
01:16:06 counting sort algorithm
01:24:30 radix sort algorithm
01:37:08 heap sort
01:48:33 merge sort algorithm
02:01:04 quick sort algorithm
01:11:43 selection sort algorithm
02:19:34 shell sort
02:29:22 greedy algorithm

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Sorting Algorithms In Data Structures Explained
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