Wildfires have been spreading in multiple states recently. California is suffering the most with some of its largest wildfires in history. Oregon has 20 large wildfires covering over 400,000 acres. And even Washington is not being spared this year.

To get a sense of where the current wildfires are, I implemented a function called WildfireData which sources data from NASA’s MODIS instruments aboard its Terra and Aqua satellites (code included at the end of this post):


This WildfireData function can be accessed through the following global ResourceFunction URI:

WildfireData = ResourceFunction[

We can now immediately use this function to get the currently available wildfire data from NASA:

data = WildfireData[]

The output is a dataset with several columns. The first column holds the geographical location of a wildfire observation and the second column holds its brightness

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Mapping Wildfires with the Wolfram Language
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