Learn how to deploy Node.js and React apps on a VPS with Nginx and SSL. In this video, we will walk you through the steps of deploying a Node.js and React app on a VPS. We will use Nginx as a web server and Let's Encrypt to obtain an SSL certificate.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 Which Hosting Should I Choose?
02:23 Connecting to a VPS with SSH
06:10 VPS Installing Nginx
10:00 VPS firewall
11:37 Understanding Nginx
17:50 React and Node Apps Production Configuration
23:45 Deploying Node.js App to a VPS
31:42 Using PM2 on a VPS
33:31 Deploying React App to a VPS
39:08 Using domain on an Nginx Server
47:40 HTTPS SSL with Let's Encrypt
51:31 Outro

Deployment documentation: https://github.com/safak/youtube/tree/mern-deployment 

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Deploy Node.js and React Apps on a VPS with Nginx and SSL
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