Go (Golang) GOB Encoding Tutorial

In this episode we are going to look at a particular encoding format specifically created for the Go programming language. The Gob encoding format. It was created as an alternative to the famous protocol buffers, although it doesn’t totally replace protocol buffers, it can be useful in situations where you only have to communicate and encode data between Go programs. It is used by default in the net/rpc package as a transport encoding protocol. In this example we are going to see how you can use the Gob encoding format to convert (almost) any Go data type into binary format and store it into a file, or send it across the network. The Gob encoding is extremely lightweight, flexible and easy to use.

gob encoding - https://golang.org/pkg/encoding/gob/
gob enconding blog post from Golang team - https://blog.golang.org/gob

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Go (Golang) GOB Encoding Tutorial
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