In the modern period in which computer science and its numerous sub-discipline are integrated with many cases in the real world, programming languages that I consider to be a skeleton of any computer science issue play a very important role in its development. Therefore having a fully functional programming language provides the computer science developer a more control over solving the problems. Python is such a programming language that comes with a variety of user convenience tools and functions. It also has been rated as the most wanted and third most loved language in stack overflow 2020 developer survey. So, from the survey results, it can understand that there is vast community support for python which helps it to grow more rapidly.

After considering python use and context let us come to this discussion about the post. Here we will cover various methods and functions that have to assist the python in obtaining these survey results. Also, these functions and tools will help the reader in competitive coding as well.

1.Counter :-

Counter class is a special type of data-set object supplied with the Python collections module. Collections module provides specialized container datatypes for the user, thus providing an alternative to Python ‘s general-purpose built-ins such as dictionaries, lists, and tuples. It returns with the dictionary which sights the occurrence of the particular element in data structure pass to it. Like in the below example when the list is passed to the Counter it returns dictionary having key as items of list and values of keys are their occurrence in the list.

##importing counter
from collections import Counter


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Python Functions and features that makes the language breakthrough
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