There are a handful of VS Code shortcuts that I use daily to boost productivity and overall efficiency. Here are 10 that you can memorize and incorporate in your workflow today.

Note: I’m not “anti-mouse” so this list will include some mouse clicks. Sure using your keyboard exclusively is a nobile pursuit, but on a Macbook my mouse is “right there.” Why not use it also?

10 VS Code shortcuts that will boost your productivity

1. Command Palette

The command palette is one of the most foundational of all VS Code shortcuts. It’s the shortcut that gives you access to all of the functionality of VS Code.

vs code shortcuts command palette comp
MacOS: Command + Shift + P
Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P

2. Duplicate Line Down/Up

This is a shortcut I use a lot in my workflow to boost productivity. Basically, you can take a line of code and duplicate it on the line above or below. This is helpful with single lines like

  • tags and also with whole blocks of code like a CSS block or JS function.

    vs code shortcuts duplicate line comp

    MacOS: Shift + Option + Up / Shift + Option + Down
    Windows: Shift + Alt + Up / Shift + Alt + Down

    3. Move Line Down/Up

    Similar to the shortcut above, but this moves the line of code up or down. Again helpful with single lines like reordering

  • tags as well as blocks of code.

    vs code shortcuts move line comp

    MacOS: Option + Up / Option + Down
    Windows: Alt + Up / Alt + Down

    4. Indent / Outdent Line

    Another of the very helpful VS Code shortcuts and one to memorize. When you copy and paste something in Visual Studio Code, it doesn’t always line up right (actually it rarely does). This shortcut allows you to indent or outdent a line or even an entire block of code.

    vs code shortcuts indent comp

    MacOS: Command + ] / Command + [
    Windows: Ctrl + ] / Ctrl + [

    5. Multi-Select Selection

    So you decide to change all of the H3 tags on your template to H4 tags. So you go through and select each one and change it? No. You multi-select them all and change them all in one take.

    In that example you would highlight just one H3 tag, and as you hit the shortcut below it goes through and selects the other instaces of that tag, providing you an active cursor with each one.

    Of all the VS Code shortcuts this is one of my favorites and will boost your productivity.

    vs code shortcuts multiselect comp

    MacOS: Command + D (to select next occurrence(s) after you make an initial selection)
    Windows: Ctrl + D (to select next occurrence(s) after you make an initial selection).

    • There is a shortcut to select ALL occurrences, but I like to go through them one by one to be sure I want to change that one.

    10 vs code shortcuts pinterest

    6. Multi-Select Cursor

    Similar to the above, but instead of selecting the next occurrences of a selection, you can place your cursor in multiple locations, and make edits to all and one time.

    vs code shortcuts multi select cursor comp

    MacOS: Option + Click
    Windows: Alt + Click

    7. Toggle Line Comment

    So we use line comments to “disable” a line or block of code or HTML or CSS right?

    This Visual Studio Code shortcut allows you to disable a line or block of code by commenting it out. You can also use it again to re-enable that line or block of code by removing the comment markup.

    vs code shortcuts comment disable comp

    MacOS: Command + /
    Windows: Ctrl + /

    8. Show / Hide Terminal

    I almost exclusively use the VS Code Integrated terminal and rarely ever the OS Terminal. So of all the VS Code shortcuts, this is especially useful for me and for you if you do the same.

    vs code shortcuts toggle terminal comp

    MacOS: Control + ̀
    Windows: Ctrl + ̀

    9. Add Line Comment

    Adding a line comment to HTML and CSS is somewhat cumbersome to type out.

    Thankfully VS Code has a shortcut to pop it in there for you. Use your right hand to hit the K and left to this the C while holding Command.

    vs code shortcuts comments comp

    MacOS: Command + K Command + C
    Windows: Ctrl + K Ctrl + C

    10. Toggle Sidebar

    Of all the VS Code shortcuts, this is another major one for me. I don’t like that sidebar there when I’m writing code. At the same time, when I need it back, I want it back with ease.

    vs code shortcuts toggle sidebar comp

    MacOS: Command + B
    Windows: Ctrl + B

    More Info

    Visual studio code can be downloaded at their website. It’s my favorite code editor and I use it exclusively. I found Brackets to be not quite enough for what I need, Atom to be super slow and bulky, the JetBrains IDEs too expensive, and Sublime isn’t free. Also, VS Code is a full IDE, is packed with loads of features, extensions, is free, and thankfully open source.


    Take the time to memorize these VS Code extensions and incorporate them into your workflow. You will surely find a boost in your productivity and your efficiency as a programmer.

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    10 VS Code Shortcuts Every Developer Should Memorize
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