In this article “Java vs Python — Which Programming Language Should Programmer Learn First?” by Javin Paul, you can find a comparison between the two most popular programming languages. Of course, as being a Java-developer myself, it’s not a mystery which I would prefer ;-)

But more important than the language, could be the computer you are using! Let me tell you why I think the Raspberry Pi is the perfect getting-started computer…

The goal of the Raspberry Pi project was to build an inexpensive PC that is affordable for all. You can connect it to your TV if you don’t have a computer-screen and different versions are available, depending on your budget.

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If you want to have a quick start, buy the “Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit” (130€) which includes the board, power supply, HDMI cables, case, and microSD card with the operating system pre-installed. You only need to add a monitor or TV.

Why use a Raspberry Pi?

The price

If you already have a power supply, cables, and/or microSD card, you can buy the board itself starting from 40€. Yep, indeed, that’s the starting price for a complete PC on a small board!

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Why you should learn to program on the Raspberry Pi
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