Gulp js Tutorial For Beginners. Gulp js task runner to run the automated tasks. In Large javascript web applications, Gulp is a handy tool to minify the js and css, concatenating library files and compiling sass or less files. Gulp js uses Node.js as a platform so you must have to install Node.js on your machine. You can find more on gulp.js on its  official documentation.

Why use Gulp?

  1. It uses the gulpfile.js file, which is Javascript file and we can write that tasks into Javascript.
  2. It uses SASS and LESS as CSS preprocessor.
  3. It is very fast compared to another task runners.


  1. It provides minification and concatenation.
  2. It uses pure JavaScript code.
  3. It converts LESS or SASS to CSS compilation.
  4. It manages file manipulation in the memory and enhances speed by using the Node.js platform.

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Gulp js Tutorial For Beginners
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