The world of UI/UX is changing every month. It can be hard for developers to keep up with the newest trends and frameworks because of all the responsibilities they have. What if you could use machine learning to help you keep up with all of the changes? While it’s far from taking all of the programming jobs, machine learning can help developers make more user-friendly web applications. With the use of Brain.js, you can do text prediction, make small layout changes, check for malicious users, and more.

In this talk, attendees will learn some background on machine learning and algorithms and see examples of where Brain.js can be used in real applications. We’ll cover business cases in web development where machine learning can help, how neural networks work, and how JavaScript can be used to train a model and make real-time updates for users. By the end of the talk, attendees should have a good understanding of basic machine learning concepts and an idea of how they could get started with Brain.js.

#ux #machinelearning #javascript #brain #webdev

Using Machine Learning to Improve UI/UX
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