Tachyons holds a special place on this list, as it predates even Tailwind!

It’s based on the same utility-first principle but is much more focused and strict in its design choices. This does result in less available utilities, but still, a complete package that you can use to achieve a lot while sitting at 14KB min+gzipped without any compilation step required!

Now, this strict design, while beneficial in some ways, also has some drawbacks. As authors view the framework as“feature-complete” and cut off the “PR noise”, the core repo activity is rather small, leaving some to believe if it’s still maintained.

Don’t get me wrong - Tachyons is still developed, especially in regards to parts other than the core. For example, recently, the config generator seems to get the most love.

So, I’d say Tachyons is still a good choice for minimalists (especially those who like the framework’s design philosophy) and those wanting to skip on the compilation step.

Windi CSS


Chakra UI


Top 4 Tailwind CSS alternatives for 2021
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