This article is for people who are currently Data Analysts and want to make the career change to Data Science. From the outside eye, some would say the two roles are similar, but as we know, they require vastly different skills apart from some of their similarities. So, how can you bridge the gap between these roles? That is what I will be explaining here. While there is the material that commonly recommends graduate school, online courses, and tutorials, I wanted to focus on the more specific and unique things you can do to transition to Data Science, from someone who was a Data Analyst first and is now a professional Data Scientist. Keep on reading if you would like to know three things that you can do to become a Data Scientist.

3 Things I Did to Become a Data Scientist:
  1. Master Popular Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. Perform An End-to-End Case Study
  3. Use Data Analytics to Master Data Processing

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3 Things I Did to Become a Data Scientist
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