The article “Samsung Tries Again with Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches” is telling the reader about one of the world’s largest companies trying to find its place in a new niche of products. Samsung Corporation is trying for the second time to introduce a new product. This is a smart watch, as represented by the company, working with a new operating system, different from Android. The device does not only let the owner know the current time, but also is equipped with a heart rate sensor and other sensors designed to measure the stress levels, quality of sleep and various factors during exercising. Operating system of the device is Tizen OS. Last year, the previous version of the device was not warmly received by the audience and critics. One of the most important disadvantages the device had was the battery which lasted only a day. Therefore, the device needed to be recharged every night, which made it unacceptable for many potential users. The newer version lasts for at least two and, in some cases, up to three days of active use. Now, it is at least reasonable. Otherwise, what is the use of a watch which measures one’s biorhythms during sleeping hours, if at night it needs to be charged?
The whole concept is a very bright demonstration of the failed strategy, or, rather to say, lack of strategy at the first place. The engineers of the company did not give it any thought as for what the audience may expect of such a device. It was like an attempt of Steve Jobs to tell the public what they should like and desire. However, Samsung administration is not Steve Jobs, and their attempt failed. In our days, a watch is not a technological device; it is an item of fashion. Thus, the device is not acceptable. Actually, it looks like a digital child of technological era and can in no way compete against widely known brands producing watches.
The device could have attracted the attention of those who love buying small gadgets. They may combine numerous functions from playing MP3s and helping with GPS navigation to transmitting the sound via Bluetooth. Probably, that may interest consumers. However, for that to happen, the watch should first of all have a much more capable battery. Consequently, this may result in both increase of the size and cost of the device.
Another set of functions, which would make the watch attractive for the consumers, would be a set of spy functions. For instance, a camera and voice recorder may be used by the journalists. For that matter, the device should look like a reasonably fashionable watch. Moreover, it should not attract extra attention and, therefore, should only remind a good and old mechanic watch with a hidden button giving the user an opportunity to switch to its menu.
Meanwhile, it appears that Samsung Corporation has conducted very little, if any, research, and that was their strategic mistake number one. Besides, very little advertisement was dedicated to the event. It was very important to inform the audience in advance and make them desire the device long before it becomes available. It was very important to do, because it was a new device for the corporation. Therefore, these two steps, namely proper advertising and prior research of the audience’s needs and expectations, would help Samsung come on stage with a super product and become a pioneer in the field. However, the company carelessly neglected this unique chance. Unfortunately, the idea and needed tools were not put together, which resulted into the failure. It is very unlikely that currently presented version of the watch will attract a serious attention and will be sold in a significant a number of copies.

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