In today’s world, Artificial Intelligence is imbibed in the majority of the business operations and quite easy to deploy because of the advanced deep learning frameworks. These deep learning frameworks provide the high-level programming interface which helps us in designing our deep learning models. Using deep learning frameworks, it reduces the work of developers by providing inbuilt libraries which allows us to build models more quickly and easily.

In this article, we will build the same deep learning framework that will be a convolutional neural network for image classification on the same dataset in Keras, PyTorch and Caffe and we will compare the implementation in all these ways. Finally, we will see how the CNN model built in PyTorch outperforms the peers built-in Keras and Caffe.

  • Topics covered in this article
  • How to choose Deep learning frameworks.
  • Pros and cons of Keras
  • Pros and cons of Pytorch
  • Pros and cons of Caffe
  • Hands-on implementation of the CNN model in Keras, Pytorch & Caffe.

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Keras vs PyTorch vs Caffe - Comparing the Implementation of CNN
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