If you use Twitter cards or adverts, you can get a very good idea of how people are engaging with your tweets from the official Twitter statistics. But what about your friends, your colleagues… your competitors? Just a little bit of Python code can help.

Imagine that you are a global news giant and are wondering just how well you are regarded by your audience compared with, say, CNN, or the BBC. One thing you might do is compare the level of engagement of their tweets and compare them to your own.

You can’t see the same engagement statistics as for your own account (they are, of course, private) but there are some simple stats that you are able to see. It just takes a little programming and a Twitter Developer account.

I’m going to show you how it is really quite straightforward to monitor the number of _retweets _and _likes _that other users have and compare them to your own or others by using the Twitter developer’s API. We’ll also produce some simple statistics and graphs using Pandas.

Don’t worry if you aren’t much of a coder, you can cut and paste the code below, or download a complete program (I’ll link to it at the end of this article).

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Visualizing Twitter Statistics with Python and Pandas
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