Hello everyone, you guys will learn about MERN app. This is the part of previous videoes. You will lear redux also. If previous videoes are independent but this video is related to previous videoes. Please watch those videoes for create this MERN app.

React Todo App : https://youtu.be/i8WkoG66KMo
Todo List Crud API : https://youtu.be/aL6P9AkgI-E
User Authentication API: https://youtu.be/JRpJFzZJ-Q4

Source Code: https://github.com/TheHeartCoder/MERN-App-Todo-List.git

MERN Project Tutorial From Scratch - 2021
mern stack tutorial mongodb tutorial react js mern stack project

#react #node #mongodb

Build a MERN Project - React + Redux + Node.js + Express + MongoDB || Full Stack | PART 1
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