React File Reader Input: A React Component for Handling File Input


React file input component for complete control over styling and abstraction from file reading.

<FileReaderInput as={dataFormat} onChange={handler} {...props}/>

  • as (string): what format the FileReader should read the file as (i.e., buffer, binary, url, text). Defaults to url.
  • children (element): if children is passed into FileReaderInput, then the component will hide the native file input and instead display children. Whenever the custom children are clicked, the component will trigger the native file input prompt. This allows complete control over styling an display.
  • onChange (function): callback function(event, results). Results will be an array of arrays, the size of which depending on how many files were selected. Each result will be an array of two items:
    • progressEvent: result[0] is a ProgressEvent object. You can retrieve the raw results at among other things.
    • file: result[1] is a File object. You can retrieve the file name at among other things.

All other props on FileReaderInput will be passed down to the native file input.


import React from 'react';
import FileReaderInput from 'react-file-reader-input';

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  handleChange = (e, results) => {
    results.forEach(result => {
      const [e, file] = result;
      console.log(`Successfully uploaded ${}!`);
  render() {
    return (
        <label htmlFor="my-file-input">Upload a File:</label>
        <FileReaderInput as="binary" id="my-file-input"
          <button>Select a file!</button>

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Author: ngokevin

License: MIT license

#react #javascript 

React File Reader Input: A React Component for Handling File Input
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