Sorry Google, the best IDE for flutter development is MS’s Vscode. As a node IDE is the future as far as developer tools. I am going to show you a very opinionated IDE setup that makes you a more effective flutter app developer.


The problem is while Google does an excellent job at giving you an introduction to widgets; it’s not the techniques you really need to have mastered to develop a professional application and in a mature market. That is my self-assigned job in pushing out medium articles and my flutter design and development book series.

I am finding that by showing the cool visual and animation that I can get you guys and gals to do the boring devOPS and OOP and FP to get you to the point for flutter expert. Some subjects covered are:


Tuning A Cheap MS Windows Laptop for Flutter Development

Log Driven Learning Flutter

UML Coolness in Flutter

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Flutter Expert IDE Set Up
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