Astral: Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease Using Vue.js


An open source application that allows you to organize your GitHub Stars with ease. Use the hosted version free, or self-host your own instance with the instructions below!



  • To run this project, you must have PHP 7 Node.js, and Yarn installed.
  • You should setup a host on your web server for your local domain. For this you could also configure Laravel Homestead or Valet.
  • Create a new GitHub OAuth App so you can plug in your API keys.

Step 1

Begin by cloning this repository to your machine, and installing all Composer & NPM dependencies.

git clone
cd astral && composer install && yarn
php artisan astral:install
yarn dev

Step 2

Next, boot up a server to visit the app. If you're using a tool like Laravel Valet, the URL will likely default to http://astral.test. That's pretty much it!



As the next branch is the future of this project, I kindly ask that you do not submit any pull requests to the master branch with new features, as it may have already been covered in the next branch, or your code may be incompatible. If you have found a bug or security issue that you would like to fix, I will still accept any pull requests for these cases. Thank you for understanding!

Download details:

Author: astralapp

License: BSD-3-Clause license

#vue #vuejs 

Astral: Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease Using Vue.js
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