Integrating with APIs is a crucial skill for any web developer to succeed. In this video we will be integrating with the DarkSky Weather API and the Google Places API. Using these APIs we will learn how to connect to an API from both the client and the server. We will also cover how to safely store API keys for use. By the end of this video you will have a complete understanding of how to call various different APIs from both the client and server.

GitHub Code:
DarkSky API:​
Google API:​

🧠 Concepts Covered:

  • Setting up a basic express Node.js server
  • How to call an API from Node.js
  • How to call an API from the client JavaScript
  • The safest way to store API keys
  • How to consume Google APIs
  • How to consume the DarkSky API
  • How to user axios



Build a Weather App With JavaScript
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