**Round 1 (Written Round): **It consisted of mainly 4 sections.

  • Debugging Round: 7 codes to debug in 20 minutes
  • Coding Test: 2 coding questions in 70 mins
  • Personality Assessment: No time limit given (Ideally takes 15-20 mins)
  • Reasoning Ability Section: 24 questions in 35mins

In the coding section there were 2 questions:

  1. Given two sorted linked list. Merge them into one and return the head pointer.
  2. Find critical connections (Bridges) in a graph.

Those who cleared all the test cases in both questions were further selected for the Interviews. (37/200 cleared)

**Round 2 (Technical Interview): **It started with a formal introduction. The interviewer told that this round will last for an hour and 2 questions will be asked. So make sure to complete the code of each question within 30 minutes individually. A codeshare link was given for the writing code.

The interviewer was really friendly and was expecting the most optimized solution for the same. The interviewer also helped a lot in various approaches and was asking for edge cases for the approaches.

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Amazon Interview Experience for 6-Months SDE Internship
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