Ruby Questions: A Collection of Ruby Programming Exercises

Ruby Quiz Questions 🌟

This package dedicated to hosting questions for Ruby quizzes. Perfect for those wanting to test their knowledge in Ruby!


JSON Structured Questions: All questions are well-structured in JSON format, making it easy to integrate with various platforms or applications.

Question Anatomy:

  • ID: A unique identifier for every question.
  • Question Content: The main quiz question.
  • Type: Denotes the type of question, e.g., multiple-choice (mc).
  • Choices: A set of possible answers for the user to select.
  • Answer: The correct answer's key.
  • Tags: Tags associated with the question, such as difficulty level or topic.
  • Explanation: A brief description explaining the correct answer.

Sample Question:

    "id": "fc5d1ed3-7b26-45c0-bbe6-03f46be062fa",
    "question": "```x = [a: 1, b: 2]```\nWhich expression will return true?",
    "type": "mc",
    "choices": {
      "1": "x[0][:a] == 1",
      "2": "x[:a] == 1",
      "3": "x[:a] == :b",
      "4": "x[0] == 1"
    "answer": "1",
    "tags": ["beginner-level", "Hash", "Array"],
    "explanation": "The question focuses on understanding the structure of arrays and hashes in Ruby..."


Import the library and start accessing a wealth of Ruby-related questions to build your quiz application or use for educational purposes.

import questions from 'ruby-questions';

Example of using

React-native applications for testing the knowledge of Ruby


Feel free to submit pull requests for adding more questions, enhancing question quality, or improving library functionality.

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Author: Vovanmozg
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License: MIT

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Ruby Questions: A Collection of Ruby Programming Exercises
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