In the world of digitalization, many top companies adopt new frameworks to grow their business, and you still hesitate? Change is the part of growing life, and you need to choose for growing. Scaled Agile Framework is adopted by the organization to lead Agile methodology to develop workflow and pattern. In this article, we discuss the benefits and scaling Agile implementation challenges

I want to start the discussion with an example if you offer a child to exchange his or her old toy car for a new one, they immediately replace your offer because of its attachment and might be ok with an old car. Still, after some time, you offer automatic care. It may start with playing automatic cars after some days. Still, he doesn’t understand the new PlayStation charm and does not readily adopt the fantastic toy station. This is like we are not going to look at the benefits Scaled agile framework SAFe.

**Benefits of Scaled Agile Framework **

Since SAFe release in 2011, many Multinational companies experience growth in productivity upto 35%, with a 50% improvement in job satisfaction, employee engagement, quality, and faster time in the market. SAFe builds business acceleration by adopting the digital revolution.

SAFe has a different way of working. It worked with the aligned strategy and execution. You may be shocked that 70% of MNCs grow with SAFe today. It is the most influential software with a system that improves predictability with efficiency. One of the pros of SAFe includes fastly drifting of the market pattern without the loss of velocity. Moreover, we also need to look at its challenges.

Challenges of Scaling Agile Implementation

There are some common scaling Agile implementations that businesses need to face while adopting SAFe.

  • Xenophobia: Fear of the Unknown
  • Cultural Shift
  • Work Management Shift
  • Technology Shift

If you want to move with time by adopting the change for your business’s development, you need to do as fast as possible by Moving To Scaled Agile Framework for your future growth. In addition to knowing more critical information, just click on the bold text, and you will land on a bunch of details regarding SAFe.

Benefits of Scaled Agile Framework.
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