What is JavaScript? | Why should i learn JavaScript ?| JavaScript tutorial for begineer

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In this video we will talk about the why exactly javascript is capturing marketing so quickly and the need of learning javascript.
We will cover the below topic:

  1. What is JavaScript?
  2. Is JavaScript used globally?
  3. How much can I earn through JavaScript?
  4. Is JavaScript and Java the same?
  5. What can we do with JavaScript?

Details on JavaScript:

  1. JavaScript was initially created by Brendan Eich at Netscape during 1995.
  2. Initially the name of JavaScript was Netscape Mocha.
  3. JavaScript was initially designed in order to create a light weight.
  4. language which was majorly focused on Browser side scripting.

What can we do with JavaScript?

  1. Server Side Development - Node.js
  2. Web UI and Mobile development - React.js
  3. Desktop App Development - Electron.js
  4. Animation - Vue.js
  5. Virtual Reality - React VR
  6. Machine Learning - TensorFlow.js

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JavaScript Tutorial: What is JavaScript? | Why Should I Learn JavaScript?
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