Django REST Framework Full Course For Beginners | Build REST API With Django

Learn how to Build REST API With Django

This is a Django REST Framework Full Course For Beginners, in this video you will learn how to Build REST API With Django, basically this is a one video Course that have different parts.

What Are Restful APIs ?

A RESTful API acts as a translator between two machines communicating over a Web service. If your familiar with the concept of API This is just like an API but it’s working on a RESTful Web service and the API is used by two applications trying to communicate with each other over a network or Internet.
. Web developers program REST API that server can receive data from applications. These applications can be web-apps, Android/iOS apps, etc. RESTful APIs return JSON files which can be interpreted by a variety of devices.

What is Django REST Framework?

DRF is a framework built upon the Django Framework. And it is used for developing restful apis .
Some reasons you might want to use REST framework:
• The Web browsable API is a huge usability win for your developers.
• Authentication policies
• Serialization that supports both ORM and non-ORM data sources.
• Extensive documentation, and great community support.

Timestamp For Table Of Content

0 - Django REST Framework Introduction = 00:00:05
1 - Django Project Setup = 00:04:02
2 - Django REST Framework Serializer = 00:08:58
3 - REST Framework Modal Serializer = 00:29:25
4 - REST Framework Function Based API Views = 00:31:55
5 - REST Framework api_view() Decorator = 00:54:37
6 - REST Class Based API Views = 01:08:17
7 - REST Generic Views & Mixins = 01:24:54
8 - REST Framework Authentication = 01:40:40
9 - REST Framework Viewsets & Routers = 01:56:16
10 - REST Framework Generic Viewsets = 02:13:22
11 - REST Framework Modal Viewsets = 02:19:45

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Django REST Framework Tutorial - Build REST API With Django
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