“Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GANs” is a beginner-friendly online course offering a practical and coding-focused introduction to deep learning using the PyTorch framework. Learn more and register for a certificate of accomplishment here: http://zerotogans.com

Code and Resources:
Classifying CIFAR10 images using ResNet and Regularization techniques in PyTorch: https://jovian.ai/aakashns/05b-cifar10-resnet
Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks in PyTorch: https://jovian.ai/aakashns/05-cifar10-cnn
Discussion forum: https://jovian.ai/forum/t/lecture-5-data-augmentation-regularization-and-resnets/13772

Topics covered in this video:

  • Improving the dataset using data normalization and data augmentation
  • Improving the model using residual connections and batch normalization
  • Improving the training loop using learning rate annealing, weight decay, and gradient clip
  • Training a state of the art image classifier from scratch in 10 minutes

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Data Augmentation, Regularization, and ResNets | Deep Learning with PyTorch: Zero to GANs(हिंदी में)
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