This video explains what is Blob and how to detect it using Python OpenCV. A blob whose full form is a binary large object. Blobs are generally considered as images, audio, or video data. In computer, vision blob refers to a group of connected pixels or regions in a binary image that shares a common property. These regions are nothing but contours in OpenCV with some extra features like blob/contour orientation, centroid, color, Area, Mean, and standard deviation of the pixel values in the covered region, etc. The term “Large” in binary large objects indicates that only objects of a certain size are of interest and that the other “small” binary objects are usually noise. This is the next video in the Python OpenCV Crash Course. Later on, in the upcoming videos, we will see how can we build face detection, object detection types of Computer Vision Projects.

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What is Blob & how to detect the Blobs using Python OpenCV ?
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