While the rise of microservices architectures and containers has sped up development cycles for many, managing them in production has created a new level of complexity.

Adopting microservices has led to rapid scaling, increased reliability, and faster development times. Yet an application may require many services including proprietary services from third parties and/or OSS projects. Individually, these services may be simpler to manage, but the way they behave and operate together may be very complex.

In our first roundtable, we’ll bring industry experts together for an enlightening discussion around the evolution of microservices and best practices for adopting them in your applications.


  • Tracy Ragan, CEO & Co-Founder, DeployHub
  • Joyce Lin, Sr. Developer Advocate, Postman
  • Francesco Crippa, VP of Engineering, Rollbar
  • Asa Schachar, Principal Developer Advocate, Optimizely
  • Angel Rivera, Developer Advocate, CircleCI

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Roundtable: Managing Complexity in Adopting Microservices
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