A blockchain is nothing more than a digital ledger verifiable by all. It remains distributed universally through a network of devices. The most notable thing about blockchain is that there’s no need for a central authority to intervene and include new transactions. The ledger’s circulated nature makes it perfectly secure. Then again, anyone holding the key to the blockchain can introduce specific changes. So, does this feature make blockchain a boon or a bane? That’s the real question, and this topic aims to unearth it.

The deal with open code is growing popular among techies by the second, but it isn’t entirely free from risks. It does allow people to make changes or edit something with ease, but it also provides this privilege to just about everyone. As a result, the possibilities of benign mistakes and malicious threats always remain. That’s why many people, especially cryptology experts, are turning their attention towards blockchain consulting services and solutions.

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Is Blockchain A Boon For Society, Today And Tomorrow? Moon Technolabs
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