Welcome to the Next.js Django DRF Ecommerce Project. This Next.js Django Rest Framework project is aimed at getting you started with Next.js Django DRF moving you into more advanced topics as the project progresses. This first tutorial is most definitely aimed at Next.js and Django beginners where we cover the basics of developing Next.js and Django DRF. By the end of this tutorial you will have a working product catalogue which will form the basis of our Ecommerce application.

Introduction & Getting Started

00:00​ Project Introduction / Overview
01:31:24​ Preview

Django Development

04:04:16 Install Python
05:24​ Starting a Django Project
11:02​ Setup vscode with Black and isort
14:20​ Database Development
20:16​ About MPTT
22:05​ Building the database - walkthrough of all tables/fields
33.56 Working with images in Django (Setup media folder)
38:28​ Configuring the Django Admin
52:23​ Django DRF Intro
55:19​ Creating the URLs, views and serializers

Next.js - Setup the Project

1:05:37​ Setup a Next.js project
1:09:19​ Install material UI for Next.js
1:19:49​ Material UI page template
1:24:42​ Creating a component & working with Material UI

Collecting/Displaying API Data


1:45:07​ Displaying data from the Django API
1:46:46​ Pre-rendering
1:50:49​ Using fetch to collect data from the API
1:57:21​ Building up the template - creating a grid
2:12:59​ Collecting data from the image table

Product (Dynamic Page)

2:35:53​ Building a Dynamic page

Categories (Dynamic Page)

3:15:45​ Showing the products in a category

Show List of Categories in menu

3:32:02​ Displaying categories from an MPTT table

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Build an ecommerce store with Next JS and Django DRF
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