Flutter Dorilla Games: Website and App Development

Dorilla Games Responsive Web With Flutter

Dorilla Games brings together technology and entertainment by crafting creative mobile applications, games, and websites, providing unique and immersive experiences for both clients and its own projects.

Dorilla Games' website and application are built using Flutter (a powerful framework for cross-platform mobile and web development) with responsive design.

Website link: https://suleymangunes.github.io/DorillaGames/#/

Web build: https://github.com/suleymangunes/DorillaGames

Application Features

  • Reviewing applications made by Dorilla Games
  • Access to communication platforms.
  • Ability to contact directly for the project.

Application Structure


  • Mvvm, Mvc

State Management

  • Cubit (bloc)


Flutter 3.7.11

Dart 2.19.6

Mockup and Basis Requirements


State management - flutter_bloc: ^8.1.2

Email Service - emailjs: ^1.1.0

Widget Slider - carousel_slider: ^4.2.1

Animation Background - flare_flutter: ^3.0.2

Url and Email Launcher - url_launcher: ^6.1.11

Svg - flutter_svg:

Icons - cupertino_icons: ^1.0.2

Linter - flutter_lints: ^2.0.0

Web Design

Mobile Design

View From Some Devices


Ipad Pro

Ipad Mini

Iphone 12

Iphone 11

Download details:

Author: suleymangunes
Source: https://github.com/suleymangunes/Dorilla-games-website

License: GPL-3.0 license

#flutter #dart 

Flutter Dorilla Games: Website and App Development
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