Have you ever wanted to learn new programming language? What about Python? This is a language that is easy to learn and universal. You can use it almost everywhere. It is also very popular language in machine learning. Will you give it a chance? Great! This mini series will help you learn all you need.

From JavaScript to Python Part 2.

From JavaScript to Python Part 3.

A few questions

Let’s start by answering the question you may be asking right now. Why should I learn Python? Well, you might be asking a couple of questions. For example, should I learn another programming language? There is one specific thing you should consider before you attempt to learn a new programming language. Let’s assume that you already know at least one programming language, a JavaScript for example.

Learning multiple languages at once?

How proficient are you in you in the programming language you already know? Think about a simple scale from one to five. One is a complete beginner, three is advanced and five is master. How would you evaluate your skills on this scale? If you think are somewhere between one and three, it might not be the right time to learn a new language.

When you are a beginner to programming trying to learn a programming language, it is better to stick to that language until you reach advanced level. In this case, you could easily get into a situation where knowledge from your first language will start to mix with material from the second language you are trying to learn. The result is often confusion, slower learning rate and problem to use any of the languages you are trying to learn.

I know this because I tried it. It cost me a lot of time. Don’t do the same mistake. An exception is when you surpass this level in at least one language. If you are already proficient in at least one programming language your current knowledge is more resilient. Meaning, it will not mix together with new material. What’s more, your current knowledge can even help you learn new language.

If this is true, then, yes, go ahead and try to learn two or even more programming languages simultaneously. Otherwise, work on your first language and add Python on your to do list. Just remember that you are not wasting your time by focusing on your first language. As I mentioned, a solid knowledge of one language will help you learn another one. So, have patience.

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From JavaScript to Python – Learning a New Language Pt.1
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