With cutting edge artificial intelligence upgrading our lives above mediocrity, voice technology emerges out to be the healthcare stalwarts of the future. From handling follow up calls to medical triage, booking appointments, and even diagnosis, VUI (Voice User Interface) is the perfect combination of medical knowledge with technology and tones of conversation to be the voice of the healthcare industry.

What Is Voice Technology?
Voice-based technology is the future. It is the program that interprets, receives, and carries out the voice commands. It enables the human to interact with technology. Voice-recognition technology is much more than basic voice commands like setting up alarms, providing weather information, and organizing the things in a smart device. It has become a gaining ground to most of the industries for internal and external operations.

The healthcare industry is continually progressing towards better patient care by integrating digital solutions. Voice search technology in healthcare will have a significant impact on the patients’ care, leading towards personalized care. The process of healthcare voice technology involves interacting with the patient as a consumer and a human at ground zero level. Voice technology goes beyond the transactional Question-Answer session and engages patients in an interactive conversation.

How Does It Work?
Voice searches help in everything from diagnosis to improving documentation. Below is the step by step process of developing a new voice technology:

Step 1:
The problem statement is given to the voice designers, who now build the texture and rhythm of the conversation.

Step 2:
The focus is on the workflow and the ultimate goal. The content is obtained from trusted content providers to enable a smooth flow of clinical-grade content.

Step 3:
The voice designer drafts a script with dialogues, probable responses from the patients, and the content of the call. Thus, the highly branched decision trees are planned.

Step 4:
The developer builds the code, and the actor records the responses.

Step 5:
Appropriate tones with the required modulation are selected.

A voice that would motivate a patient to give up smoking might be different from the one that is dealing with a patient suffering from coronary diseases. The complexity and humanness of the VUI are what differentiates it from chatbots.

You can use the technology for multiple purposes. For instance, the smart voice tech assistant can help to capture clinical notes, while updating Electronic Medical Records and working silently in the background. It allows medical professionals to focus more on the patients than fill up forms.

Is Voice Technology The Best Fit For Healthcare?
Voice recognition technology in healthcare is a revolutionary approach. Let us understand how it is the best fit for healthcare:

i. Speed
Compared to logging in to a workstation or opening up an app, voice technology offers a much more speedy and efficient way to provide you with the solution. Be it the dosage of the medicine or some quick advice on a health issue, voice search has emerged successful with its speed and accuracy.

ii. Location
Choosing the proper location for placing the smart speaker is essential. If placed at too lonely a sight, fetching it for emergencies may pose a problem, whereas in hospitals, the ambient noises may generate unnecessary responses.

iii. Reliability
Being able to trust the source is essential, and voice tech can help to do just that. Voice apps can help indicate sources quickly, and help people know which sources to trust and which do not. Most voice tech apps work directly with clinicians on the content to ensure better and accurate results.

iv. Compliance and Security
Having an organization’s security and compliance teamwork in a voice project is sure to help in better implementation. Healthcare organizations need to invest in solutions that are HIPAA compliant, and voice-based applications can do what they aim to do while being legally compliant.

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Voice Technology: Reinventing Healthcare and Exploring More Possibilities
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