Android Toast Plugin for Flutter


Android and iOS Toast Library for Flutter

Supported Platforms

If you dont want to use androidx then use fluttertoast version 2.2.11

How to Use

# add this line to your dependencies
fluttertoast: ^4.0.0
import 'package:fluttertoast/fluttertoast.dart';
        msg: "This is Center Short Toast",
        toastLength: Toast.LENGTH_SHORT,
        gravity: ToastGravity.CENTER,
        timeInSecForIosWeb: 1,
        textColor: Colors.white,
        fontSize: 16.0
property description default
msg String (Not Null)(required) required
toastLength Toast.LENGTH_SHORT or Toast.LENGTH_LONG (optional) Toast.LENGTH_SHORT
gravity ToastGravity.TOP (or) ToastGravity.CENTER (or) ToastGravity.BOTTOM (Web Only supports top, bottom) ToastGravity.BOTTOM
timeInSecForIosWeb int (only for ios) 1
textcolor Colors.white Colors.white
fontSize 16.0 (float) 16.0
webShowClose false (bool) false
webBgColor String (hex Color) linear-gradient(to right, #00b09b, #96c93d)
webPosition String (left, center or right) right

To cancel all the toasts call


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Author: PonnamKarthik


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Android Toast Plugin for Flutter
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